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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

န Top Bengal News Of The September, 2009

Renowned Bengali playback singer Manna Dey
To get Dada Saheb Phalke award
New Delhi, 30 September : Renowned Bengali playback singer Manna Dey has been nominated for the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke award for the year 2007.
Officials in the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said on Wednesday that Dey's name was finalised earlier this week by a five-member committee. The 90-year-old Bengali singer will be conferred the award in a ceremony on 21 October by President Pratibha Patil. Dey, one of the greatest playback singers in Indian cinema, ruled the playback music scene from the 1950s to the 1970s. He has sung more than 3,500 songs.
The award, named after the father of Indian cinema Dada Saheb Phalke, is the highest honour in Indian Cinema.

Chhatradhar has a life cover of Rs.1Crore : WB Police
Kolkata, 30 September : Chhatradhar Mahato, convenor of the Police Santrash Birodhi Janasadharaner Committee (PSBJC), has a life insurance cover of Rs. 1 crore. This was revealed during police interrogation following his arrest from the Lalgarh area on 26 September.
West Bengal Director-General of Police Bhupinder Singh told journalists at the State Secretariat that interrogation had also revealed his links with the Maoists and with some people in Kolkata from whom he had received funding. He also has properties in Orissa including a house in Mayurbhanj district of the State. Singh said that the insurance cover was from private sector insurers, for which two instalments of premium were paid. He said the police had also come to know of at least five bank accounts, some of which were in PSBJC’s name. Persons from the city had also kept in touch with him, it was revealed, and until now a funding of Rs. 1.5 lakh had been unearthed.

Akram to join Kolkata Knight Riders camp in Gurgaon
Kolkata, 30 September : Former Pakistan speedster Wasim Akram will join the Kolkata Knight Riders' camp, which begins in Gurgaon on 1 October.
"He will join the KKR camp at Gurgaon to oversee the proceedings," former KKR skipper Sourav Ganguly said at the Eden Gardens here Tuesday. However, as Akram will be busy doing commentary for the ongoing Champions trophy, where the final is slated for 5 October, he will join the KKR camp only in the later stages. The camp is scheduled to continue till 8 October. Till Akram joins, Ganguly will be in charge of the camp.
However, leading Bengal players are unlikely to attend the camp as the cricket Association Bengal has organised a Challengers tournament to give some match practice to the players ahead of the gruelling season. Thus, LR Shukla, Wriddhiman Saha, Ashok Dinda, Sourav Sarkar, Eklakh Ahmed and Avik Chowdhury will miss the camp.

Thieves strike at pandal, steal Durga idol' ornaments
Kolkata, 30 September : Thieves struck at the Puja pandal in Maheshtala Balak Sansad early on Tuesday morning and made off with ornaments adorning the Goddesses, Kolkata Police Commissioner Gautam Mohan Chakrabarti said today.
“At the Maheshtala Balak Sansad, ornaments weighing nearly 90 grams were stolen from the deity early Tuesday morning when the volunteers and organisers had gone out for tea,” said Chakrabarti, adding the police suspect it to be an insider’s job though no one has been detained so far.
The city police chief said 1,272 people were rounded up during the five days of festivities in Kolkata. Of them, 90 were professional criminals while 1,119 were arrested from various pandals for disorderly conduct.

Another giraffe dies at 'Dhaka Zoo'
Dhaka, 30 September : Another giraffe died at Dhaka Zoo on Wednesday. Twenty-one inmates died at the zoo in the last one year including tiger Garjan on 12 September and lion Ringo on 10 September.
The three-year old calf died at around 10:30am(BDST), after another giraffe died on 7 September. "The giraffe was in good shape. It did not have any physical ailments. But it died all of a sudden," said Bibekananda Chowdhury, acting curator of the zoo, to reporters in the afternoon. Five giraffes were brought at the zoo from South Africa in June 2008. On average, a giraffe lives from 12 to 15 years, he said.
The curator and the deputy curator of the zoo were temporarily suspended after the death of the giraffe.

Bangladesh and India agree to erect 320 pillars along common border
AP, Dhaka, 30 September : Bangladesh and India have agreed to erect as many as 320 pillars on their border.The parliamentary standing committee on Defence Ministry disclosed this at a meeting in Dhaka, officials attending said Wednesday.It also said there is no more dispute with Myanmar, another neighbouring country, over the demarcation of land boundary as both the countries have.The committee also discussed installation of numerical weather forecasting (NWF), which is very modern and a sophisticated system of weather forecast.

Another 3 CPI(M) men killed by Maoists in Salboni
Salboni, 30 September : Maoists killed three local CPI(M) leaders by thrusting rifle barrels in their mouth and pressing the trigger at a village near Lalgarh in West Midnapore district, officials said today.
District Magistrate Narayan Swarup Nigam told Bengal Newz, the Maoists last night abducted local party leaders Anadi Mahato, Radhanath Mahato and Bhakti Mahato from Ranjia village in Salboni and killed them. Soon after the incident, residents left the village in panic even as police went there to recover the bodies lying on the side of the road. Anadi Mahato was a member of Lalgeria Gram Panchayat while Radhanath and Bhakti were local leaders, police said.
A total of 88 local leaders have been killed by Maoists since 19 June when the joint forces started an anti-Maoist operation at Lalgarh and surrounding areas.

Gangetic dolphins return to Turag & Buriganga rivers
Dhaka, 30 September : A school of gangetic dolphins have returned to the rivers Turag and Buriganga with the flow of fresh floodwater from the upstream.
Several dolphins were sighted recently near Shoalmachi in the river Turag and at Jhaochar, a kilometre downstream in the river Buriganga, much to the delight of environmentalists and local boatmen. But the delight is short-lived as the fresh water flow in all the rivers around the Dhaka will soon start to recede and dumping of millions of tonnes of toxic waste into the river water will make it impossible for any aquatic life to survive. If the escape route towards the freshwater of the rivers Dhaleshwari and Meghna is cut off, these aquatic mammals, representing a healthy atmosphere, will face certain death.
Boatmen in the Turag and Buriganga said every year with the flow of floodwater some dolphins return to the area. But as soon as the floodwater recedes and the river loses its current and flow, these dolphins become trapped in extremely polluted water and die. Photo : Courtesy Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project

AI's pilots back to work, flights to normalise by night
BBC News, 30 September : Senior pilots of Air India, India's national carrier, have called off their four-day-old protest after a government assurance to look into their demands.
Leader of the pilots' union Captain VK Bhalla thanked the prime minister and aviation minister and apologised to passengers for inconvenience caused. Earlier, the airline announced that it had cancelled at least 30 flights. The pilots were protesting against the cancellation of performance-related bonuses by the cash-strapped airline. READ FULL STORY

Tripura rubber wood industry provides
Business opportunities and Jobs
Agartala, 30 September : Tripura, the second largest rubber-growing state after Kerala, is fast becoming an industrial hub in the northeast. Locals visualize both business and employment opportunities.
A rubber wood factory plant was recently set up in Tripura’s Anandanagar area, which is the first in the northeast and the second largest factory in the country. Tripura Forest Development and Plantation Corporation (TFDPC), a State Government owned PSU, has commissioned the factory at a cost of more than Rs.6 crores and has created direct employment for over 300 employees besides another 1500 more who are indirectly involved with it. "The main objective of setting up of this plant is to utilize rubber logs which are otherwise not good to use as fire wood. After 32 years of giving latex the producing capacity decreases and becomes non economical, so rubber trees being a plantation crop it has to be fell after 32 years and replanted. So theses logs are treated and utilized here," said Alak Paul, Manager of TFDPC.
Around 41,000 hectares of land in the state are used entirely for rubber cultivation and produce 23,000 tones of rubber latex annually.


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