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Thursday, February 26, 2009

On CMERI foundation day, Solar powered Auto launched

Recent fuel price hike forced Bengal's scientists to design Eco-friendly vehicles
Durgapur, 26 February : Sheila Dixit, the chief minister of Delhi have launched the ‘soleckshaw’, a vehicle driven by solar power on 2 October in Delhi. The vehicle was designed by scientists of Durgapur based Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI). And at the CMERI foundation day celebrations today, an emissionless solar powered Autorickshaw was launched by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, a CSIR organisation. The vehicle has an 200wt electricity back-up with 36 volt battery support. Dr Sibnath Maity, director, CMERI told Bengal News : “Soleckshaws can be described as an efficient pedal powered, motor-assisted three wheeler that is expected to find good utility in downtown urban transportation and freight. We have made three models yet. Solexa white horse, solexa deluxe and solexa golden king. It will run upto 80km after chargeing and cost of these vehicle would be around Rs 17 thousands.”
This solar powered Autorickshaw can be described as an efficient pedal powered, motor-assisted three wheeler that is expected to find good utility in downtown urban transportation and freight.
“We expect that by 2010 we will come up with an upscale version of the pedicab, which will be installed in large numbers during the ensuing Commonwealth Games.” said CMERI director.
Information and Photo : Niraj Modi
Plan for WB's first port on reclaimed land in Hooghly river estuary
Haldia, Kolkata, 26 February : The WB state cabinet has cleared a deep-water port to be built on reclaimed land, the first of its kind in the country, in the Hooghly river estuary. The port, with a depth of 21 metres, will allow big ships carrying crude and other cargo to offload near Haldia and Nayachar, a region where West Bengal’s new petrochemical zone, the PCPIR, is taking shape.
Earlier, a deep-sea port was planned in the Bay of Bengal. But now as the port will come up in the Hooghly, it will be called a deep-water port. The New Kolkata International Development, a consortium led by Indonesia’s Salim group that is building the chemical hub in Nayachar, has been chosen the contractor.
Land will be reclaimed from the riverbed to set up the port, which will have a tail connecting it to the shoreline of East Midnapore district.
Cargo is expected to move in the following sequence. Once a ship offloads, the cargo bound for the Nayachar island will be taken away in barges. If the cargo is for Haldia or elsewhere, the consignment will take the tail link (see graphic) to East Midnapore and move by road or rail further on.
The project will cost about Rs 10,000 crore and take three to five years to build. “The state wants to build the port not only for the upcoming PCPIR (the Haldia petrochemical zone) but also for all cargo. Bengal needs a deep-water port because of the declining draught in Kolkata and Haldia,” a source said.

Go back to barracks now or I'll take any step : PM
"You surrender the arms. I'm giving you words that none of you will be harmed" : PM Hasina called upon the rebel BDR jawans during her address to the nation
Dhaka, 26 February : Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the BDR mutineers to go back to barracks at this moment after surrendering their arms, otherwise "I'll be bound to take any step in the interest of the country".
In her brief BTv address to the nation, she said, "Do not take the law in your own hands. You have to be patience and abide by the chain of commands. I'm requesting you not to find any way of self-conflict. We're trying to resolve your problems with patience. Do not follow any away so that I loss my patience."
"I am trying to solve the problems through negotiations not through using force," she said adding, "I'm requesting BDR jawans to stay far from any rumour or any provoking speeches by any groups or individuals."
"I'm very socked at the yesterday's incidents," said the premier adding the steps have already been taken for appropriate treatment of the injured.

BDR not seen along Indo-Bangladesh border
PTI, Shillong, 26 February : The Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) personnel were not seen on regular patrols along the Indo-Bangladesh border on today following their rebellion in Dhaka, a top BSF official said in Shillong.
“Our personnel have not observed the routine patrols by BDR nor the personnel since noon,” the official said. He said that the BDR personnel might have been confined to their camps, and added, however, that there was no deployment of Bangladesh Army on the borders.
“We have asked our personnel to keep calm and not to be provoked in any situation,” BSF IG (Assam and Meghalaya Fsontier) Prithivi Raj told PTI.

Fresh gunfire in Dhaka camp as troop mutinies spread, 50 dead
Dhaka, Sylhet, 26 February : Fresh gunfire erupted at a paramilitary camp in the Bangladesh capital on Thursday, police said, as troops took to streets in towns across the country a day after 50 people were killed during a mutiny.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged calm, but the revolt by some members of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) force over a pay dispute spread outside Dhaka after officials earlier said it was being brought under control following an amnesty offer from the government.

Mobile phone services were ordered cut by the government in order to stem rumours and misinformation, one cellphone operator said. "Firing started again at the BDR complex in the afternoon although we were expecting the revolt... to end soon," a police officer said. The main duty of the mutinous BDR is guarding the country's borders, but often they back up the army and police in meeting other defence and security requirements. Earlier officials said nearly 50 people died in Wednesday fighting at the BDR Dhaka headquarters, a blow to hopes Hasina's government, which took office only last month.
A witness in Sylhet in the northeast said BDR troops were "coming on the street holding up guns and shooting".

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