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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


55 women candidates contest 60 seats
Female vote could set a new record
Dhaka, 22 December : With as many as 29 women candidates running in more than one constituency, some 55 women are contesting in 60 seats in the forthcoming Bangladesh parliamentary poll on 29 December, the Election Commission says.
"New electoral law does not allow one person to contest in more than three constituencies," points out Bangladesh EC deputy secretary Mihir Sarwar Morshed. In the past candidates could try their luck in as many as five. Sarwar also mentions that women outnumber men in voter lists this year, breaking all previous records.
The ballots of women and youth voters would be a major force in the upcoming election.The ninth Bangladesh parliamentary polls sees some 41,236,149 female voters enrolled out of 81,058,698.

Darjeeling hills hopes for early snowfall this X-Mas
Darjeeling , 22 December : The West Bengal's Hills could enjoy snowfall this Christmas, going by the temperature recorded for the past few days.

The mercury in Darjeeling town has not crossed the 7 degree Celsius mark in two days invoking the people's anticipation of an early snowfall. Throughout Sunday, the temperature oscillated between 5 and 7 degrees with a faint hint of drizzle accompanied by the familiar chill in foggy conditions.
Although Sunday was an outing day in the hill town, most citizens preferred to stay indoors because of the severe cold. Chowrasta, the popular promenade usually buzzing with people and activities, wore a deserted look except for some enthusiastic tourists.
Many people of the town, who have their own accommodation in the plains of Siliguri and other areas, have already left to find warmth anticipating a chilly winter this time. Since most schools have already closed for the winter vacation, parents without any accommodations in the plains have left early as finding rent-ins' is a major problem in the winter season.

Playing religion card, Khaleda seeks vote to save Islam
Sylhet, 22 December : BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Monday played the religion card as she urged voters to save the country and Islam by voting BNP-led four-party alliance to power in the Bangladesh general elections next week.
"Save the country and Islam through voting the four-party alliance. Don't vote for those who defamed the religion," she said at an election campaign rally at Sylhet Alia Madrasa ground in the afternoon. "You'll have to pay the price if you commit any mistake in the 29 December election. The country will be saved if you vote for a patriotic power. On the other hand, the country will be insecure under the hand of those who want to sell the country off." she said.

Police destroy poppy plants in Salar
Behrampore, 21 December : Murshidabad police at Salar have destroyed poppy plants on at least 50 bighas of land in the last two days in three different villages of Murshidabad. Sources said some criminals from Sarbastipur, Tiyan and Baidyapara villages had planned to cultivate poppy on some unused plots in the villages. Around seven days ago, they had sown poppy seeds on the plots. Acting on a tip-off, Salar police dug up the land and destroyed the seeds.

Adequate Measures to Protect Sheikh Hasina : Matin
Dhaka, 21 December : Bangladesh home Adviser Maj Gen (Retd) MA Matin said on Sunday said that the government has taken necessary measures for the security of Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina after a report of possible attack on her in the Indian TV channel and Web media.
According to a report run online by Indian Web media www.bengalnewz.com followed by TV channel CNN-IBN's reporting, Indian intelligence agencies have warned Bangladesh that the former premier faces an assassination threat from HUJI a banned militant group.
Bangladesh home adviser said that he had taken appropriate measures in this regard and he feels there is no threat whatsoever.The Foreign Advisor to the caretaker government in Bangladesh , Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury said that security has been beefed up for Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia. Adequate measures are also being taken to assure elections.

I don't care more about my life than Bangladesh : Hasina
Tangail, 21 December : A day after reports that militants were out to assassinate her, Awami League president Sheikh Hasina said on Sunday she did not care more about her life than she does to see a a thriving Bangladesh.
"Today's newspapers have published stories on threats to my life.I want to tell you straight that I don't bow down to anyone but God and I don't care much about my own life. I only care about a thriving and developing Bangladesh." Hasina said at a rally at Tangail Shaheed Smriti Udyan.
Bengal News broke the news quoting Indian television network CNN-IBN on Saturday that Indian intelligence agencies had warned the former prime minister a team of six militants of Harkatyl-Jihad'Al-islami Bangladesh were out to kill her.

Bangladeshi News papers printed the story on Sunday.
Dinajpur forest dept. worried on Kulik Sanctuary Raiganj, 21 December : The forest department in North Dinajpur is worried about the 90,000 migratory birds in the Kulik sanctuary because infected chickens might make it inside with picnickers who throng the place.
Raiganj divisional forest officer Ashis Sen said the department had been on alert since the outbreak in Assam, but with the disease confirmed in a Malda pocket 50km away, the worries have grown. "We are trying to keep the area clean. Everyday, our men are clearing droppings from beneath the trees and spraying the sanctuary with bleaching power." The biggest worry, though, is that chickens are clandestinely ferried to areas near the sanctuary by Malda traders. Picnickers bring live chickens into the forest and slaughter them, putting at risk the large population of open bill storks, cormorants and night herons.
"If there is an avian flu outbreak, it is likely that the birds will not return to the forest for many years," the forest officer said.

Hasina vows to revive Tangail handloom industry
Tangail, 21 December : Awami League president Sheikh Hasina Sunday urged the people of Tangail, promising to revive the area's dying handloom industry. She also called on voters to wrench the country from "looters' hands".
"If voted to power, we'll take necessary steps to provide special loans for weavers to help revive the dying handloom industry. Tangail will be upgraded to a cultural hotbed," Hasina told a rally at Tangail Shaheed Smriti Uddyan.

Hotel industry in distress for Gorkhaland agitation
Rishap, 20 December : Hoteliers in Lava, Loleygaon, Rishap and Kalimpong said their business in the year's last fortnight had shrunk by almost 90 per cent because of the Gorkhaland agitation.
Hit severely during spring and autumn, the industry was hoping to cover some ground this season until the threat of another round of strikes. "We had almost cent per cent bookings, but almost all have been cancelled," Janmukti Hotel Association, Rishap president Rajeeb Sahee told Bengal News.
The GJM had initially threatened a 72-hour bandh from 23 December. Then it put off the strike till 26 December, adding to the hotels' woes. "We had started receiving bookings from 26 December. Those, too, are being scrapped now," told Sahee.

HUJI Plans to kill Hasina:CNN-IBN
Howrah, 20 December : An Indian television network on Friday reported that Bangladesh based Islamist militants were planning to assassinate Awami League president Sheikh Hasina.
CNN-IBN's Suman Chakrabarti reported that the former Bangladesh prime minister had been warned by the Indian intelligence agencies that a six-member suicide squad of the banned Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami Bangladesh. The report added the HUJI team has trained under the watchful eye of a former Pakistani special forces officer named Ehetesham in a special training camp held at Kaligunj in Satkhira of Bangladesh for the last two months. The six men were personally briefed by HUJI chief Imtiaz Quddus at the end of the training, the report of Rajdeep Sardeshai's CNN-IBN Tv channel said.
A spokesperson for the Bangladesh deputy high commission in Kolkata said he was not aware of it. "We have no official comment on this issue," Kazi Moshtaque Zahir, the Press Secretary, told Bengal News.He said he came to know about the news from Bengal News on Saturday.

Indian Museum under scanner :
CBI carried out raids the Indian Museum & 16 other places
Kolkata, 19 December : The CBI carried out raids on the Indian Museum and 16 other places spread over Kolkata and two other districts in West Bengal on Friday night as part of a probe into allegations of corruption.

Preliminary investigations suggested that some officials had shown expenditure against the purchase of security gadgets and renovation that remained only on paper. "There is a discrepancy between the gadgets purchased and the material shown on record over the past few years. Expenditure was also shown regarding renovation that was never carried out at the museum," a CBI officer said. The agency, which has been probing the charges over the past couple of years, has taken possession of some documents for further investigation.
The premises of five firms that had bagged contracts for the renovation on the basis of fake documents and disclosures were also raided. "We also searched the residences of some officials of the institution in North and South 24-Parganas. Some of these officials have assets disproportionate to their income. We have seized some paintings that we suspect to be fake but we will have to take expert opinion on that," told the official. The CBI has taken documents on the purchase of some equipment that were recommended to overhaul the security system after the theft of a Buddha idol in December 2004.
"We have found discrepancies in the purchase of some equipment and paintings. We suspect some of the employees had indulged in malpractice," the CBI officer said. Arrests are likely to be carried out soon," another CBI officer said.

Khaleda Zia alleges media bias
Keraniganj, 19 December : BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has alleged the media are not covering the four-party alliance's election campaign fully and fairly. At a rally in Keraniganj on the outskirts of the capital Dhaka on Friday, she also repeated claims that "a conspiracy" surrounded the coming general election.
"I've witnessed the mass upsurge during the rallies of BNP and Jamaat," said the former prime minster. "Seeing the huge crowds, a conspiracy is on to foil the election. And as part of that conspiracy, the media are not covering our rallies across the country," Khaleda claimed.
"A group of journalists are with me, working effortlessly without food and sleep to cover our rallies, but they are not seeing the results of their hard work, as television channels are not broadcasting them properly," Khaleda claimed. "The state of emergency has been withdrawn, but these television channels are still being censored."
The BNP chairperson warned the Election Commission not to engineer or hatch any plots regarding the election results.

Khaleda pledges another bridge over Buriganga
Dhaka, 19 December : BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has pledged to build another bridge over the Buriganga river if the four-party alliance comes to power. "Everything, including gas, water, sewerage, bridge and roads, was developed during the BNP-led government," the former-PM claimed, at an election meeting in Kamrangirchar, on the outskirts of the capital Dhaka, on Friday afternoon.

GJM made Baton Brigade
Darjeeling, 19 December : The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha will arm its volunteers with batons so they can "break legs" if needed. "You should not harm anyone but if someone attacks you, break their legs," Morcha president Bimal Gurung said in Darjeeling today.
The party will organise a physical training camp for the army of volunteers christened Gorkhaland Personnel. The camp, from 7 January, will be held at Goke village, 35km from Darjeeling. Taking a cue from their leader, around 4,000 members of the Morcha youth wing today brought out a rally carrying batons with small Morcha flags on top. Former soldiers in the Morcha ranks will train the youths at Goke. "We will train a batch of 400 for two months. This will be an ongoing process for there are 10,000 of them," said Ramesh Allay, president of the Bhutpurba Sainik Morcha

6000 chickens die, fear of flu spreads
Malda, 19 December : Reports of more chicken deaths from Gajole block reached the authorities in Malda town today when they were planning to wrap up the culling operation in bird flu-hit Narhatta.
Gram panchayat pradhan Sahanur Biswas said 6,000 chickens had died in Gajole. "We have two women's self-help groups, Rupali and Milan. Each member of the two groups had 350-400 birds. They were making good profit by selling the eggs. But they have lost all the chickens," he said.
The animal resource development department deputy director in Malda, Nikhil Kumar Shit, said: "We have collected blood samples from the dead birds in the Bairgachhi I gram panchayat area and have sent them to Kolkata for tests."
Bairgachhi is only 5km from Narhatta. Most poultry birds within 3km of Narhatta have been culled.
A mop-up operation was about to begin to kill "4,000-5,000 chickens that the villagers have not handed over", Malda district magistrate Sridhar Ghosh said. "Our culling teams will go on a house-to-house search for these birds."

26 Illegal tanneries shut down in Kolkata
Kolkata, 18 December : Twenty-six illegal tanneries have been shut in Tiljala, Topsia and Tangra after the three-day drive by Kolkata and South 24-Parganas police to execute a High Court order issued a week ago to close down illegal tanneries.

The Kolkata and South 24-Parganas police had a list of 14 illegal tanneries. During the drive, police found more illegal tanneries in the area. Out of the 26 units closed so far, 11 were operating and the remaining were already in the process of shifting to other spot. The police will continue the drive on Thursday to find whether any more illegal tannery units are still functioning. The West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, CESC and police jointly carried out the drive. This was the third such drive to close down the illegal tannery units. Previously such drives were undertaken in 2002 and then in 2004.
Expatriates Desk opens at ZIA International Airport
Dhaka, 18 December : Bangladesh foreign adviser Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury opened a special desk for expatriates at the arrival lounge of Dhaka Zia International Airport on Thursday.
"The new Probashi Kallyan (expatriates' welfare) desk at the airport will assist migrant workers and expatriates with their particular queries," said the adviser. The Probashi Kallyan Desk will help migrant workers to complete their embarkation and disembarkation cards, immigration and security formalities and hand out information on remittance and other issues. It will also provide assistance in customs clearance, information on local transport and privileged citizen benefits.

9,000 birds culled in bird-flu hit West Bengal
Malda, 18 December : Over 9,000 poultry birds have been culled in West Bengal's Malda district after the latest bird flu outbreak there but some villagers are resisting the move, officials said Thursday.

"Veterinary workers have culled 9,373 poultry birds since Tuesday at Narhatta and Satgheria villages under the English Bazar police station in Malda," District Magistrate Sridhar Ghosh told Bengal News. However, Ghosh said those involved in culling are facing some resistance from villagers, who are demanding higher compensation.
"Villagers are being paid a compensation of Rs.20-50 for each fowl and duck depending on its age. But they are demanding double the prices for grown-up chickens," DM said.
According to district sources, villagers are hiding their poultry to avoid culling. Eighteen culling teams with a total of 90 workers - wearing white protective suits, gloves and masks - Tuesday started killing and burying chickens and ducks at Narhatta and Satgheria villages in Malda.

Rizwan case : Ashok Todi's bail plea turned down
Kolkata, 18 December : The Rizwan case played out in two courtrooms in the city on Wednesday. While Kolkata High Court turned down Ashok Todi's bail plea, the the 14th metropolitan magistrate court, Alipore, transferred the case to the city sessions court for trial. All the accused in the case will now have to appear before the city sessions chief judge on 23 December after which the date of commencement of trial will be given.
Todi, the prime accused who is now in custody, moved a bail petition in the high court on Wednesday. Justice D P Sengupta turned down the plea on the grounds that there was a possibility of tampering with evidence. He observed that Todi was an influential person and had used the police in breaking the legal marriage of Rizwan and Priyanka. Todi is not entitled to get relief under provisions of CrPC, as there is sufficient material in the case diary which implicates him for committing offences punishable under Section 306 of IPC for abetment to suicide, the judge said.

Andamans may close controversial tourist highway
Poart Blair, 18 December : The recent deaths of eight Onge Tribesmen and another Jarawa Tribal boy, have forced the Andaman and Nicobar Administration to propose the closure of the most controversial Andaman Trunk Road (ATR) to the tourists to protect the primitive Jarawa tribe. Six years ago on 7 May, 2002 the Indian Supreme Court passed a set of landmark orders to protect the Islands ecosystem, which included the closure of ATR that runs through the two Jarawa Reserve Forest, where the tribe has been living for more than thousands years. Besides diseases, ATR brought alien food, intoxicants, and caused sexual exploitation of Jarawa Tribes and the tourists travelled through ATR just to see them and thus ‘Jarawa Tourism’ also began that resulted in further exploitation.
On 19 November, 2008 Jarawa tribesmen had attacked and killed encroaching settlers when at least one Jarawa was killed. On 8 December, 2008, 23 Onge tribesmen consumed some poisonous liquid, mistaking the chemical that was washed ashore, for alcohol. Out of the 23 tribesmen, eight died and 15 are still hospitalised.
These two incidents have caught the Andaman and Nicobar Administration by surprise.Measures to close the ATR to the tourists in the near future to protect the primitive Jarawa tribe were also discussed, an Andaman and Nicobar administration official release said. Jarawa activists and organisations working for tribal rights have been demanding for total closure of ATR since 2002 but the Administration had failed to act on the SC orders. “If the Administration is thinking to close ATR for tourists then it’s a welcome step but Administration should have closed that ATR soon after Supreme Court’s order,” Samir Acharya, Secretary of SANE (Society for Andaman and Nicobar Ecology) told Bengal News on Thursday.

Empty Promises over Taltali Bridge
Barisal, 18 December : Construction of Taltali Bridge over the Taltali River has remained incomplete although the matter was included in the election pledges of three former lawmakers.
Former president Abdur Rahman Biswas, his son Nasim Biswas and former Barisal city mayor Mojibor Rahman Sarwar, who were elected lawmakers in three elections in the past, had promised construction of the bridge that would help establish a direct road link from Muladi, Hizla and Mehendiganj upazilas to Barisal city. Former president Abdur Rahman Biswas initiated a project and laid its foundation on 5 February, 1995.
Mojibor Rahman Sarwar, the then BCC mayor and former lawmaker, inaugurated resumption of the construction of Taltali Bridge on 16 October, 2006 by extending the project cost from Tk 1.8 crore to Tk 4.7 crore. But the process again stopped in July this year. Executive Engineer of RHD in Barisal said the authorities stopped the construction work after faults were found in the design and structure of the bridge.

HC rulings will be minded up to 28 December
Dhaka, 18 December : Bangladesh Chief Election Commissioner ATM Shamsul Huda has said candidates will be validated in line with High Court order up to the day before election.
"Who can disregard an HC ruling?" he said Thursday, emerging from his office to be met by reporters' questions. "We have the manpower and they will work round the clock till the day before polls. If the HC rules it, then we will carry out an amendment in the ballot paper up to the last moment," said the CEC.

112 out of 162 polling centres vulnerable in Bandarban
Bandarban, 18 December : Of the 162 polling centres in Bandarban parliamentary seat 112 have been marked as "important" or "risky", according to police. The number of risky centres is more in Bandarban Sadar, Ali Kadam and Lama. Helicopter will have to be used for conducting election in 15 remote centres in Ramnoma, Thanchi, Roangchhari and Ali Kadam.
District election office sources said, the number of polling centres in JS-300 seat (Bandarban) has been increased to 162 this time from 156 during the last election. Though earlier choppers were used in 13 remote centres this time it would be required to go to two more centres.Officials concerned said considering lack of communication facilities and security the government and the Election Commission have been requested to arrange helicopters for transportation of the election officials and employees.
Detective Branch of district police said, of the 37 centres in Bandarban Sadar upazila 26 have been identified as risky, 18 out of 20 centres in Roangchhari, 11 out of 18 in Romnoma, 11 out of 13 in Thanchi, 26 out of 36 centres in Lama, all the 15 centres in Ali Kadam and 5 out of 23 centres in Naikkhongchhari have been marked as risky.
Bandarban's acting Police super Tutul Chakravarty said, police has marked the normal and important centres through investigation. Lack of communication, terrorism and crime prone areas, and number of voters in a centre have been considered in marking a centre as "important".

After end of State Emergency Dhaka based Diplomats seek Better Security
Dhaka, 17 December : With an end to the state of emergency, Dhaka-based diplomats turned to the government on Wednesday to ensure "better security" ahead of the 29 December polls.
Ambassadors and high commissioners of Australia, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland met foreign secretary Md Touhid Hossain at his foreign ministry office and said they were facing problems in their movements because of electioneering in city. They informed that they could not move smoothly owing to election activities in the city, particularly in Gulshan area and requested to guarantee better security measures for them before, during and after the elections.
Bangladesh foreign secretary assured diplomats that the ministry would instruct the law enforcers to make extra security arrangements for the diplomats, if necessary.

Malda culling plan goes hampered
Malda & Kolkata, 17 December : Due to the lack of co-ordination among government officials on Wednesday. Culling was hampered severely in the bird-flu affected areas of Malda.
While the target for a three-four day operation is 20,000 fowl, government teams managed to cull just 150 birds till late evening. All day the culling teams stood waiting as villagers refused to give up their birds without compensation money, which was yet to reach the district officials. At Budhia, which has seen hundreds of chickens dying over the past two days, people mobbed panchayat samiti sabhapati Akram Hossain. Hossain admitted, "There was lack of co-ordination, which delayed the culling."
By the time problems were sorted out, dusk had fallen and officials had to return from most of the villages. The culling teams reached Narhatta High School the operational headquarters around 3 pm before moving off to the villages in smaller groups. But nobody had any money. A district official confided, "We lacked the manpower and hence the delay. Tomorrow things will be in order."
In Kolkata, animal resources development (ARD) department secretary Dilip Chakraborty said, "There is no bar not even in the affected areas of Malda on eating poultry products. The usual method of eating chicken products after boiling at 70 degrees stands." The state government issued a notification on avian flu after the attack was confirmed on Monday.

Bangladesh chief adviser thanks PRESS
Dhaka, 17 December : With emergency lifted and the ninth Jatiya Sangsad polls with handover to an elected government drawing nearer, Bangladesh chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed says the future will judge his success or failure as head of the two year interim administration.
"I've tried to work with all of my intelligence, consciousness, and wisdom. The future will judge the success or failure of my works," the chief adviser said on Wednesday. Dr.Fakhruddin was talking to journalists who paid a courtesy call at the CA's Office.
The former governor of Bangladesh Bank is planning a long vacation after handing over to the next elected government, he said, hinting the last 23 months of discharging state duties had tired him out. In a friendly meeting, Fakhruddin shook hands warmly with journalists "as if it was a farewell", said those who were present.
Fakhruddin expressed his gratitude to the press for "helping his government". "You've presented news of government activities efficiently and professionally, thereby providing a bridge between the government and the people.Since we took over, I believe the government and the press have worked with the same goal," said the head of the interim administration.

"Army will be glad to be back in barracks" - Bangladesh Army chief
Dhaka, 16 December : Bangladesh Army chief General Moeen U Ahmed on Tuesday said the military will be happy to be back in barracks as wished by the government.
The army had come forward "in aid of civil power" on 6 December, 2006 following the caretaker government's direction, he added. "Many, especially foreign diplomats, came to me and asked whether I was going to enforce martial law, but I replied in the negative," he said, explaining the uncertain situation in the country after full emergency was imposed on 11January, 2007. "I told them the Bangladesh Army will not follow its neighbours or its predecessors," the army chief said in a TV broadcast aired Tuesday.
"There is a problem and it will be resolved politically. The caretaker government has appointed us and we've discharged the government directives. So we didn't step in," General Moeen said. The government has asked us to return, and we will be happy to be back in barracks, said the army chief.

Bangladesh State Emergency officially ends
Dhaka, 16 December : The Bangladesh state of emergency was officially lifted from midnight Tuesday, after almost two years of restrictions on civil and political rights. The Bangladesh interim cabinet approved the Emergency Powers Repeal Ordinance,2008 on Sunday, and under it the lifting of emergency rule imposed since 11 January, 2007.
Bangladesh president gave his nod to its full withdrawal under powers of Article 141 a (1) of the constitution, said a gazette issued by the presidential office Tuesday. Emergency rule was declared on '1/11' under the formation of the Bangladesh caretaker government headed by Fakhruddin Ahmed.
Since then, the interim government withdrew emergency measures, imposed under the Emergency Powers Ordinance, in gradual steps. On 10 December, its long-awaited announcement of a full lift of emergency from 17 December onwards, ahead of the Bangladesh general election, was welcomed by political parties and the international community who saw it as a bar to a free and fair vote.
The government lifted the ban on political rallies and meetings on 12 December, to facilitate electioneering ahead of the parliamentary polls slated for 29 December. The army will be deployed across the Bangladesh from 20 December ahead of the election in line with an Election Commission directive.

BENGAL NEWS Paying Homage to the Martyrs of 1971...
Bangladesh celebrating Victory Day
Dhaka, 16 December : Bangladesh is celebrating the 37th Victory Day on Tuesday amid calls for prosecution for war crimes of the local cohorts of Pakistan army which surrendered on 16 December, 1971 at the end of a painful nine-month war that saw the bloody birth of Bangladesh. The day's celebrations started with a 21gun salute at the Bangladesh National Memorial at Savar followed by the laying of wreaths to pay tributes to the nation's war heroes who laid down their lives for independence.
The Bengalees waged an armed struggle against the occupation of Pakistani forces on 26 March, 1971 and won the make-or-break war on 16 December. Pakistani occupation army surrendered to the joint forces of Bangladesh and India at Ramna Racecourse Maidan in Dhaka.Bangladesh President Iajuddin Ahmed and chief adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed were the first to lay flowers and pay respects at the memorial on behalf of the nation. Political, socio-cultural and educational organisations are marking the occasion with daylong programmes including placing wreaths, hoisting national flag, discussions and cultural shows.
The day is a public holiday in Bangladesh. National flag is hoisted atop buildings and other structures. Many civil society bodies and citizens have also raised the flag in respect. Government and semi-government buildings will be illuminated by night.
37 th Victory Day : Dhaka, 16 December ::
People flock at the National Memorial in Savar celebrating the Victory Day 2008 on Tuesday.
---------------- Bangladesh Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ahmed places floral wreaths at the National Memorial in. Photo: Mustafiz Mamun

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