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Friday, June 5, 2009

န Mamata plays good Samaritan at Delhi's Vijay Chowk

New Delhi, 4 June : Help came from an unexpected quarter for a motorcyclist who fell from his vehicle and got injured after being hit by a speeding car at the busy Vijay Chowk here.
It was none other than Indian Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee, who was also going on the same route, stepped out of her car to help the 'surprised' motorcyclist. "Didi" as she is known among her followers was true to her spirits when she saw the accident and instructed her staff to arrange water for the injured. After taking the motorcyclist aside, she asked him about his well being. Clad in her traditional cotton sari, Banerjee played a good Samaritan as she took out first aid box from her car and put 'band-aid' on the scratches of the motorcyclist herself.
But when media-personnel started hounding her, she was quick to leave the place saying her car was parked in a 'No Parking Zone' and that policemen may challan her for the same.

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